- About Us -

WTS Underwriting was launched on May 1st, 2017 and is authorized to provide capacity on behalf of Royal & SunAlliance Insurance plc, Munich Reinsurance UK General Branch and Great Lakes Insurance SE, United Kingdom Branch; this includes full authority to quote premiums, terms and conditions for the individual reinsurance contracts. 

WTS Underwriting specializes in commercial business with total insured values up to USD 500,000,000.

The capacity providers that WTS Underwriting represents have excellent financial standing:

Capacity Provider Standard & Poor’s Moody’s Outlook
RSA A A2 Stable
Munich Re AA- Aa3 Stable
Great Lakes AA- Aa3 Stable


WTS has a Worldwide mandate, excluding USA and Canada, with USD15m capacity and already has a core of Latin American business and is rapidly expanding its business from Middle East, Europe, Australasia and the Far EastEach of the reinsurance contracts written by WTS Underwriting clearly states the respective proportions of each reinsurance company on risk.

WTS underwriters maintain a consistent approach on a portfolio of smaller to medium sized risks that do not traditionally find capacity in the London Reinsurance market, enabling our producers to provide a broader service option to their clients.

WTS aims to provide a turnaround time within 24 hours for quotes, allowing our producers to provide a timely response to enquiries on new business.